Relief From Upper Back Pain And Lower Back Pain - the BodyBridge by the Back Solution
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One way to alleviate back pain is to arch the body, as people and animals do when they stretch to relax. Lying backwards so that the front of the body is stretched will further relax the spine, with the additional benefit of freeing discs and vertebrae from the normal downward pull of gravity. As the body stretches backwards, abdominal muscles tighten and strengthen, and therefore help to take more of the load off the lower back.

Back Pain Relief

Arching the back reduces stress. Some studies have even suggested that this effect can reduce stress on the lower back by 50%. In the process it provides mild, passive exercise of the ligaments, tendons and musculature that surround the abdominal cavity. As a result it permits a better supply of blood to flow to all parts of the body, by utilizing the pull of gravity in different directions from those we experience in a normal upright position.

The arched position places beneficial pressure on the lower back that tends to separate the vertebrae, freeing up the nerve channels that flow from the spine to help restore the blood supply to connective tissue and the organs. Arching also induces a spreading or "fanning" of the rib cage to produce more vital functioning of these organs. Finally, the backwards arch places gentle tension on the front part of the body, which can be highly beneficial in cases of constipation and other intestinal complaints.

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  • Fights the aging effects of gravity. Side-effects of gravity's pull are evident in baggy eyes, sagging skin, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, chronic back pain, compressed spinal discs and skeletal joints, and downward pressure on internal organs. It doesn't have to happen. BodyBridge can help reverse this process.

  • Reduces the trauma of exercise All too often, a workout can negatively impact your muscular and skeletal well-being. The downside of popular exercise regimens like jogging, aerobics, tennis, racquetball and other sports activities can be offset by beneficial stretching with BodyBridge.

  • Enhances bodywork treatments A brief session with BodyBridge before a massage can help facilitate deeper tissue work on the back, neck, chest, and abdomen.

  • Increases spinal length Regular use of BodyBridge may help to lengthen vertebral segments through decompression.
  • Promotes health of spinal discs and nerves By reducing disc and spinal nerve compression, regular use of BodyBridge rejuvenates spinal nerves, increases blood flow to the spine, improves the function of the nervous system, and has a benefic ial effect on deteriorating spinal discs. Also promotes lymphatic drainage.

  • Tones abdominal organs and aids decongestion Regular use of BodyBridge has a beneficial effect, especially on the soft, hollow organs of digestion, and stimulates bowel function while restoring compressed or prolapsed organs such as intesti nes, kidneys, liver, and stomach, to proper position.

  • The BodyBridge is the safest and most effective method for improving and maintaining muscular / skeletal well-being. This unique approach to inversion is a better means of promoting traction in the most compressed body zones surrounding the lumbar / sacral and sacral / iliac joints.

A flexible body means a flexible mind
This is a prescription for physical and mental rejuvenation

The BodyBridge (fitness)
The BodyBridge (fitness)

$425 plus $60 shipping & handling

Our customers have been telling us for years to build a Bodybridge they could exercise on and we did it by adding a "Safety Locking Arm". Now you can exercise or do yoga in any position with complete safety!


BodyBridge owners tell us that a single session is often enough to convince them they've made the right decision in buying one. With your own BodyBridge you won't have to endure another day of back pain!

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