Do Something Great For Your Back!

Healthy Back System Four out of five people will suffer from back pain sometime in their lives. As one of the leading causes of physical limitation, back pain is a chief source of suffering, disability, and expense. The scientifically designed Healthy Back System is here to help you change all that.

There is no simple solution to back pain. However, clinical research and empirical data support the importance of key back therapies and exercise when caring for the health of your back. Recent findings indicate that bed rest and inactivity, once highly favored in early back pain treatment, have themselves been put to rest. A combination of active exercises has emerged as a favored way to break the back pain cycle and keep it from coming back.

Machine Animation With the Healthy Back System, you'll look forward to the few effortless minutes you spend stretching, massaging, and increasing the muscular function of your back. The soothing rollers help relieve stress and tension. The Healthy Back System allows your back to go through its natural arching motion, gently stretching and relaxing the spine as it goes through this recommended position. The active extension movement is great for helping develop balanced posture and effective body mechanics. The Healthy Back System will definitely improve the health of your back at any age, and the sooner you start, the better you will feel.

Product Overview

The Healthy Back
System combines key
back therapies
in one easy motion.

  • Works, stretches, exercises your back.
  • Massages, soothes, relaxes back muscles.
  • Enhances muscular function, increases circulation.
  • And it's simple to assemble, simple to use.

The Machine

Designed For Efffective Use

The Machine in Motion The Healthy Back System gives you a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Simply sit down on the seat, recline back on the rollers, place your feet on the adjustable footrest, and take a moment to relax and get comfortable.

As you slowly push with your legs and gently pull with your arms, your back moves in a natural arching motion, allowing for the development of balanced posture and body mechanics. Your back and spine move over the adjustable rollers, giving you an even, smooth, and tension-relieving massage as you glide through your natural and desirable range of spinal motion.

The cushioned headrest comfortably supports your head and neck as you extend back within your own comfort level. Your body is fully supported while you safely slide and stretch toward full extension, actively increasing the muscular function of your back. Using the Healthy Back System for as little as five minutes a day helps keep your back in shape.

You Owe It To Yourself To Act Today.

Happy Users Daily activities take a toll on your back-sitting at a desk, riding in a car, working on the job, lifting a child. Most activities in today's lifestyles require us to continuously bend forward.

The Healthy Back System™ helps you balance and adjust your back through extension. The Healthy Back System is the easiest available way to stretch, stabilize, support, soothe, and improve your back. It's so easy and so rewarding you'll love making it a regular part of your life. Even people who don't have a history of recurring back pain will benefit from a healthier back. When you give your back the care it deserves, you'll be amazed how good you will feel. Enjoy greater mobility, happiness, and a new freedom of movement. You'll look forward to the few minutes you spend every day keeping a fit and healthy back.

Healthy Back System
Do Something Great For Your Back!

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