Relief From Upper Back Pain And Lower Back Pain - the BodyBridge by the Back Solution
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We are Abe and Kay Taltre, owners and operators of The Back Solution, Inc. Our business is located in sunny Tucson, land of beautiful sunsets and spacious skies. For years now, the great Southwest has served as our backyard for raising our three boys and running the family business. Tucson has been good to us; it was here that Abe cured his painful and chronic back problem by inventing the BodyBridge.

For many years Abe abused his back while working in the construction business he owned. About once a month his back would tighten up so badly that he would be bent over, unable to stand up. Many times he'd have to spend the weekend resting so that he could go to work on Monday. It was during this period of constant pain that Abe found the motivation to design and invent the BodyBridge. He cured his painful back with the BodyBridge and even took up skiing at the age of 50! Abe's amazing and true story gave him the inspiration to start manufacturing and selling the BodyBridge. Since that time, thousands of BodyBridges have been sold to satisfied customers.

We believe our products will help millions of people afflicted with back discomfort. We know our products work and we are asking you to give us a try. Below is our Pledge to you as a valued customer.

Our Purpose is to provide you with outstanding products which assist in reducing and eliminating back discomfort.

Our Mission is to enhance the quality of your life for a productive, healthy lifestyle.

Customer service is number one for us. We base our business on your satisfaction.

None of our prices are inflated; we give a fair price for a good product.

We only sell products that we believe in. We unconditionally guarantee them.

We never take a sale for granted. Every sale is important to us!

We are committed to continually improving our product line.

Our staff personally tests every product we sell.

Thank you for shopping with us.
Abe and Kay Taltre and The Back Solution Staff

A flexible body means a flexible mind
This is a prescription for physical and mental rejuvenation

Ask Anybody Who Owns One!
All You Have to Lose is Your Back Pain

Relief From Upper Back Pain And Lower Back Pain - the BodyBridge by the Back Solution

The BodyBridge folds easily for storage and moving
$425 + $50. S&H
30-Days Risk-Free
Now You Can Order Online!

BodyBridge owners tell us that a single session is often enough to convince them they've made the right decision in buying one. With your own BodyBridge you won't have to endure another day of back pain!

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